Pig Rearing

The Complete Beginners Guide





Hello and Welcome to pigrearing.co.uk.
This website is dedicated to the challenges of rearing pigs in a stress free environment.
If you have purchased the Pig Rearing DVD then you have watched a beginners guide to stress free pig rearing.
It was very difficult when making this DVD to know how much to put in and at the same time I had to strike a balance. Too much information and people would get overloaded, too little and the basic facts would not be covered.
We have decided to do is to take every topic from housing to slaughter and cover them in more detail as an extra reading guide or for the more experienced pig rearer and of course if you have any questions at all then you can fire them off to me on Ask Dave….
One further point to make, is that many people who are afraid to ask questions because they feel their question is stupid or silly. Ask always, all questions are worthy of an answer.
So here we go, onwards and upwards…